About Us

About Us


About us: a normal copy of middle-aged Italian, Brescia to be precise, that more than three years ago it happened almost by accident here in Albania. Since then, our desire is to make it known, and let it live in its entirety and with its people. Our experience and qualified expertise with Italian standard is synonymous with seriousness and reliability.

We are a DMC (Destination Management Company) for Albania offering vacation, travel, tours, holidays in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (Balkan )

In the site we offer you the best solutions for your holiday, for your travel, for a stay for a touring for a short trip “out of town” in Albania, but not only, but also with days to spend in Kosovo (or Kosovo ) and Macedonia (Balkan) for visiting other places of these states recently formed related to entity, language, culture and traditions of Albania.

Our offer for your holiday in Albania.

We especially selected for direct knowledge of the best tourist facilities such as hotels, hostels, guest-houses, apartments, restaurants, rent rooms, but not only also SPA, wellness centers, clinics etc .. to offer you, with absolute certainty, a report quality optimal price for every need and every budget.


The seaside town.

Durres, Vlora, Saranda, Ksamil. Dhermi, Spille…


The capital Tirana, Vlora, Fier, Elbasan, Shkodra


The capital Skopje, Ohrid, Struga, Tetovo …


Pristina the capital, Priznen, Giacova, Peje or Pec …

Nature, hiking, canyoning, rafting

Trekking in the Albanian Alps set in a real nature where organic is king in the dishes (Theti, Valbona, Tamara …), canyoning and rafting (Skrapar, Corovode, Permet,), swimming in thermal waters (Benje ) the high alpine peaks of the north and the green mountains and valleys of the south, large lakes (Ohrid and Pogradec on lake Ohrid, Prespa, Koman …)

The historic towns

Krujë or Kruja, Berat, Corcia, Gjirokastra or Girocastro

The archaeological sites

Butrint, Apollonia, Orikum, Amantia to name a few


Skanderbeg the national hero, Hohxa the dictator and the so-called Cold War period,


The peaceful coexistence of different religions with the landmarks of the three major religions, Christian Orthodox and Catholic, Muslim and Bektashi (Monastery Ardenizza and Zvernec, Ethem Bey Mosque, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle …).

Our pilgrimages.

We propose to Faith pilgrimages and associated with visits to places of historical and cultural interest not only Albanians. Which Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sant Antonio in Lac (Albania), Black Madonna Letnice (Macedonia) place the “call” of the Blessed Mother Teresa.

All, as mentioned above, to have them discovered, known and attended in person, we can give the best guidance on how to choose the locations that suit you confaciono to satisfy your craving for Albania.

Our idea of Albania’s visit is not part of the choice of the structure, but by you, from what you want in those few or many days of holiday, vacation, rest in which you will be guests of “our Albania”. Weekend, days, short or long term to your use and consumption that are, we are ready to meet your every need and to also assist you during your stay.

Our target customers

Varies from individual to group, from couples also on their honeymoon to the family, from young to old age pensioners included.

The dates: the Summer but especially the Fall and Spring

Our destinations are indeed many and varied, as well as our proposals which concern not only the months of July and August but continue throughout the year, especially in autumn and spring (from September onwards despite the glorious weather on tourism falls incredibly 90 %).

Why not! Accomodation for pensioners.

Many pensioners, in fact, spend the winter months here in very good hotel with half-board, for example, but also in apartments, because here is another in a way that life goes quiet with walks on the beach, around the cities, in restaurants to sample fresh fish, all at really only costs and certainly the lowest in Europe for a quality of life of a European standard Albanians costs (with the Italian minimum pension for example you live more than decent). The friendliness of the locals is exquisite and the problems of a language for us certainly not easy to understand are nonexistent because the Italian language (but English) is commonly spoken and understood by many Albanians, either through our programs television captured (soap operas in particular) but also because many Albanians were in Italy.


Out of catalog we plan  your tour, travel, accommodation and personalized itineraries.

We organize not only vacation packages but also tour out of print on specific demands planning personalized itineraries;

and not only:

As a DMC we organize meetings, conferences, conventions, conferences and business assistance,

but also ad hoc solutions for the many Italian and European operators that want to come here in Albania for business or just for scouting for example, by offering car rental, interpreter, guide, car and driver, and many other advisory services. We also specialize in organizing meetings, conventions, conferences, trade fair assistance, guided tours in companies etc .. for associations, clubs, associations, federations, society at every level by placing the various facilities equipped with large conference rooms with video projectors, overhead projectors, hostess etc ..

We also assist the customer, if necessary, by means of our member agencies, preparing the complete package with airfare and / or ferry.

In short, we are here and waiting for you, come in Albania, come with Us.