This program is designed for individuals or groups of friends who want to learn about Albania in the name of culture, discover the history of this country and visit the unmissable. Thanks to this tour you can discover in a few days the most important cities of Albania accompanied by a local guide in English and admire the most beautiful cities of this unknown country in complete tranquility with Italian standards and assistance.

Beyond the most significant cities that will offer you a view on what is and has been Albania in the last centuries you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, Apollonia (founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC) as well as the antiquarium where important finds from the Greek period and later are collected with true mastery and museological professionalism, and then Durres called by Romans “The Taverna of Adriatic” with the largest amphitheater of the Balkans, with its archaeological museum ,cities protected by UNESCO (Berat, the city with a thousand and one window with its architectural agglomeration of the Ottoman era), and then Kruja the city of the national hero Skanderberg, the metropolis Tirana, we will pass by Fier and visit the city of Valona, d’Indipenedenza in 1912.



Expected arrival in the early morning in the port of Durres or in Tirana airport.
9:00 am, Booking and accommodation in the hotel.
10:30 am, Transfer to the center of Durres , founded by the Illyrians in the 13th century BC, expanded considerably thanks to the tribe of the Taulants in the 9th century BC, which made it the capital, became an important Roman port (from the Roman era also known as “The Taverna of Adriatic”), Visit to the historical places of the city Venetian Tower, Ottoman Walls, Thermal Baths, Forum and visit of the Roman amphitheater (the largest of the Balkans), then walk with visit to the modern city square Bashkia, Promenade, Boulevard.
14:00 pm Visit to the National Archaeological Museum.
Walk along the promenade.
18:00 pm Return to the hotel.
20:00 pm Dinner.


7:30 am breakfast at the hotel
8:15 am departure to Tirana.
9:15 am We descend to Mother Teresa Square, Walk in Taiwan Park and Boulevard ‘Deshmoret e Kombit’ (Pyramid of Enver Hoxha, Government Palace).
Visit to the center of Tirana, to the renovated Scanderberg Square, George Castriota Scanderberg the hero national who resisted the invasion for 25 years defending Albania and Europe and its Christian moral and religious values from the Ottoman-Turkish invasion, symbolic place of the City (Ethem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower).
14:00 departure to Kruja and visit of this charming town (only 13,500 inhabitants) placed on the side of a mountain, Croia or Kruja in Albanian is the most important city of the Albanian resistance under the guidance of Gjergj Kastrioti “Scanderbeg” in the 15th century in Kruja, it successfully fought the Ottomans for over 25 years.
Shopping in the beautiful old bazaar.
Climb up to the Scanderbeg Castle and to the watch tower from where you can admire a splendid view of the plain below.
Visit to the Skanderberg Museum .
The Kruia Castle was built in the 4th century AD on the remains of a previous Illyrian settlement of the III century BC
18:30 pm return to the hotel.
21:00 pm dinner.


8:30 am breakfast at the hotel.
9:30 am departure to the city of Berati or Berat in Albanian, the City with a thousand windows, (special status on the Unesco bond).
11:15 am arrival in Berat in 2008 the historic center of Berat was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, as “rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman city“, the Castle of Berat where there are 42 churches, many of the which of the IV -V century of which few have preserved over time the original traces, the museum Onufri, housed in the ancient Orthodox Cathedral of the “Dormition of the Virgin“, (named after the Albanian painter of icons of the sixteenth century), and ancient Orthodox churches .
Visit to the historical and ancient part of the city the district of Mangalemi with the typical Ottoman houses.
16:30 pm visit of the historic Gorica district and the Gorica bridge.
17:30 pm return to the hotel in Durres, scheduled for 19:00.
20.00 pm dinner.


8:00 am breakfast at the hotel.
8:30 am departure.
9:30 am Visit to Ardenica. Orthodox monastic complex still in use built in 1282 and repeatedly destroyed and recovered and where in 1451 the marriage of Skanderberg, Albanian national hero, was celebrated.
10:30 am Across the city of Fier (Fieri).
10:50am Visit of Apollonia. Visit the important archaeological park and the archaeological museum.
APOLLONIA (Founded in 588 BC by the Greek colonists of Kerkyra (today Corfu) and Corinth, Apollonia was one of the most important commercial centers of the time and was defined by Cicero: “magna urbs et gravis” – that is – large and majestic city. its ancient beauty was brought to light in the early twentieth century by a French team, although many of its treasures remained hidden.)
14:30 pm Departure to Valona.
15:15 pm Visit to the Orthodox Monastery of Zvernec dedicated to Our Lady and placed on the islet of Zvernec in the middle of the Narta Lagoon. To reach this building you have to cross a wooden bridge about 300 meters long that connects the island to the mainland. This monastic complex, which also includes a small church, is best known for its Byzantine style frescoes (13th century), miraculously surviving the atheist policies of the dictatorship. Very charming, mystical and peaceful, this place is transformed in August when it becomes the hub of the celebrations for the dormition of the Virgin, which attracts faithful from all over the country.
16:30 pm Visit of Valona with a walk (the boulevard is currently undergoing redevelopment, so it will be impossible to do so, so we will stand before the square where there is a monument to the Resistance) then we will see the birthplace of Albania’s founding father Ismail Qemal, the mosque and the Independence Monument Park, an important symbol of Albania’s independence.
17:30 pm Return to Durres.
Arrival scheduled at Durres for approximately at19:30 pm.
20:30 pm Dinner.


Breakfast at the hotel and departure from the hotel (with suitcases on board).
Return to the airport in Tirana or to the port in Durres.

                                          End of service



Hotel in Durazzo 4 * is located in Durrës in Plazh (beach) directly on the long sandy beach where you can make endless walks and have a coffee or an aperitif in the many bars of the beach savoring the scent of the sea and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. It is a 4 * star recently renovated, the rooms are newly furnished in a modern way, has Wi-Fi, private parking; is set in a green setting with pine trees, some rooms with balcony have air conditioning, mini-bar, has a restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of the sea during your dinners, but also expertly cooked pasta.

                               GENERAL INFORMATION

-For entry into Albania it is sufficient to show a valid identity card.
-No health prevention is necessary. The only precaution is to avoid drinking tap water, better to use bottled water.
-Medical insurance obligatory.


It is recommended for visits to the places indicated sports shoes with sole with a little ‘tank, avoiding shoes with heels, practical clothing “onion”.

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