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We are an Italian Tour Operator, and we’re operating in Albania from many years. Our experience and exciting range of itineraries, attached by strict Italian standards brings you the best Albania has to offer.

We are specialized in group tours especially with senior customers, we offer pre-established tours but also on specific request with various budgets based on your needs and requests. As experts in sightseeing and driven by service, we’re passionate about creating memories which will last our guests a lifetime.

An italian couple, from Brescia,more than five years ago were in Albania by the case, invited from Albanian friends for the Hundred Years of Indipendence. Amazed from the beaty and variety of the territory, beaten all the prejudices, and couldn’t forget anymore this places so they turned back more times to discover every place and to understand the culture, the costumes and the population, so well that even the Albanian friends says “you know Albania better than us”. Since then we decied as our first wish to make known and live in every part to all the Italian tourists lover of beaches, excursions, culture and good food with a good value quality-price and above all with Italian standarts. Our experience and expertise, combined with strict Italian standards, is synonymous of reliability and seriousness. Our guides talk a perfect Italian and English, and they are very professional. We select from our direct knowledge in exclusive way the best touristic structures as hotels, guest-houses, apartments, restaurants, rent rooms, and even SPA, wellness centers and clinics to always offer you a charming stay with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Specialized in group tour for guided visits in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and the low Montenegro. Livingalbania operates in compliance with the laws in force in Albania, has its own tourist license and R.C. insurance. (things that very few have here) and with the relevant European regulations.

It is affiliated to CONFIMA Italy since 2016.

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